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A live brief through university, collaborating with Epson and Dulux, to create bold, stand out prints, that show off the Epson printers.


This collection focuses on showing the importance of mundane, day to day tasks. It dissects the different elements involved in these ‘autopilot’ tasks, encouraging people to become more mindful and appreciative of the simple things we may take for granted. Whether its blinking, washing your hands, or even making a cup of tea.


kettle edit.jpg
HANDS enlarged.jpg
COLOUR KETTLES 2 shrunk.jpg
kettle pour.png
Layer 11.png
blink edit.jpg
blink sketchbook.png

Prints displayed at the Fespa Trade Show in Germany.

Layer 12.jpg
Wake up animation allover red.gif
Wake up animation .gif

© Maya Agnihotri 2021

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