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Hey! I’m Maya, a recent first class textile graduate and the creator of Greentreehideout, specialising in both children's and illustrative print design.


Here’s a little Q&A I did with myself.

I hope you enjoy!

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How would you describe your drawing style?

'Naïve', Playful, Linear, Illustrative, Expressive.

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What is your studio set up?

When I'm working on projects, I try to pick out the colours I want to work with, keeping those colours in different mediums on my desk in jars for easy reach. I also leave one of my walls plain so that I can attach different drawing combinations, helping me see what looks good together.   

 I have a little helper... my sleepy cat, Bella. She loves to lie on top of my work, guarding it!

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What is a must have in your pencil case?


TOMBOW brush pens

A small selection of COLOURING PENCILS 

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What is your favourite part of the design process?

 I enjoy thinking of original concepts to fill in different gaps in the market. Creatively solving  different problems that arise through the designing, and enjoying happy accidents. 

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What were you up to in lockdown?

I was trying to keep myself busy, going on long walks, working in a little sketchbook, and playing animal crossing!! I also managed to get a placement at Printagon for 6 weeks, which I completed online, making lots of repeat patterns and creating trend and market research boards.

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What do you like to do in your spare time? (post lockdown)

 I miss going to art galleries with my friends, as soon as lockdown is over that's where I will be going! Spending the day looking around the gallery and then hanging out in the cafes. 

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 How do you tackle artist block?

When I'm having an unproductive day or creative block, I like to go outside for a walk, resetting my day and giving me inspiration.  

If there's anything else you want to know, get in touch!

© Maya Agnihotri 2021

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